Business in Covid-19

How to increase business in corona period

Let’s talk straightforward, we all know that in this corona period businesses like showroom which is selling clothes or shoes or any other thing, Grocery stores and all. Everyone who is sitting in the market facing a short selling of his products and because of it everyone is facing loss in business. No need to explain it in more details.

Now the question arises that how they can regain their profit or how they can earn more than before?

For answering the above question, let us see those companies which are not facing any problem in this corona period, even they are making more and more profit in this time because now they are also fulfilling those requirements which previously local stores were fulfilling, So now they are making more money.

Can you guess who they are?

Majorly they are E-Commerce Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Patanjali etc.
These are big companies and they are receiving a large number of orders, even they are not able to fulfill all the requirements. Yesterday when i tried to buy some things from Patanjali online platform most of the things were out of stock there. 

In other words we can say that they are fulfilling local market requirements also. Previously when people were going in their local market for buying clothes, groceries etc now they are searching everything in their mobiles and laptops. Everyone is trying to buy online because they are afraiding of Corona and they are also doing the right thing. If they can get their things at their home then why do they go outside.

Again the question is what will happen if these conditions will remain the same for next 1year or more than one year?

No one among us knows when the whole situation will be normal, but it is quite possible that if Covid-19 will increase at the current rate then all such local businesses will be closed or only some of them will survive because online business will take over all the things, which already taken huge market.

According to a survey around 64% buyers may shift to online platforms in next 6-9 months currently this rate is 47%.

Now, What is the solution?

Solution is quite simple and straightforward, Do whatever they are doing. If they are doing online business and earning a good profit then why you cannot make profit after coming online. Even you have a better face value then them, because in your area you are serving from a long time and  people know you, they know who you are, where you are sitting so you are more trust worthy then other online platforms.

Second most important factor is delivery time, In your city/town you can deliver items within some hours only so you will be fast from others and everyone knows that we all prefer fast services.

Third most important factor is Quality of your things, if you will give quality services to your clients then you have no limits and you can expand your business at any level.

There are lot of other benefits of online business we can describe in the other blog otherwise this will be a very long blog, Now the next thing is

Making online business will be costly and from where we’ll get website and mobile applications?

This is most important thing from where you will get customised platform according to your need and it should be trustworthy, cheap and best. So for this
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